Bride to Be - First steps in finding the dress - The shopping experience

Updated: Apr 24

You've got engaged and you thought that's the hardest work done, but then you face a wedding planning experience that makes you want to run away. In times when it gets really hard to keep going please remember - you can get married without all of this!

You'd tell yourself - I've been shopping dresses my whole life, I know how to do this. You may be proved wrong!

They'd tell you now you have to "Say Yes to the Dress" and there is an endless choice, a sea of hundreds of years of dressmaking tradition. A global market, a whole industry designed to take advantage of that one day you have. One day to be whoever you want to be - a queen, a mermaid or a 'trumpet', with a 'fish tail' or a 'train'. The special terms sometimes can get even more confusing.

You have all these choices. You can have every color you want as long as it's white. You can have every style as long as you can fit in it. You can buy everything as long as you have the budget. You can take the time to decide as long as it's 6 months in advance.

The rules and regulations, the traditions and superstitions - you kind of knew but you didn't realize the extent of it until now

  • First you always call and book your appointment, you can't possibly just walk in a shop like you're always welcome

  • then you get there and you have an hour to dream, you better dream really fast

  • but you can't just try all the dresses they are going to pull some out for you

  • taking pictures not allowed

  • different sizes not available

  • bridal shops too many to visit

  • and the booking fees oh that. You pay to somebody to advertise to you?!

It works really well for some of course. We always need a base a starting point. And by all means please go and explore our Bridal Designer Shop based in London but shipping free of charge worldwide. Imagine if you go in a shop, pull a dress, fall in love with it, fits you perfect, it's in your budget, you order right away, still love it in 6 months* time when is delivered, fits you perfect. Job well done! (*well in our shop the delivery time is just two weeks)

But please know there's another world - the world of dressmaking, made-to-measure, bespoke, custom made, designed for you, to fit you. And I'll tell you more about it in my next blog post.

In a world where you can have anything, have something unique that is just your own. Behind every wedding dress there should be a personal story and once in a lifetime experience.

Dare to dream big!

Margo Stankova online bridal store is one of the first made-to-measure dressmaking shops in the world. Every design can be customized to your liking or you can design your own wedding dress. Shipping is worldwide free of charge. Delivery time is two weeks

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