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Bulgarian-born, London-based dressmaker and fashion designer with more than 15 years of experience in the fashion industry.

Making dresses is my primary skill - mostly haute couture wedding and formal dresses, but also all kinds of garments, working with a wide variety of materials. Being a younger woman myself, I believe I'm closer to the needs and desires of contemporary young people and those who maintain a youthful spirit. I hope my experience and knowledge could be of great benefit to you and make you more successful.



As a designer I absolutely love color.  When I moved into Bridal Fashion I was uncertain how I was going to limit myself to just one color in my work.

But through research I discovered that the white wedding dress is a relatively new tradition which was cemented in British fashion after Queen Victoria’s wedding  in 1840.  Prior to that, the wedding dress was just the best dress of a bride, meant to be worn many times. (As any bride of that period, regardless of her wealth, would wear her wedding dress again, a smart one would have it made in a grand but adaptable style in order for it to have stylish longevity beyond the big day.)


This is why when I meet brides that are looking for alternative of the white wedding dress I always encourage them to go with their own vision.  Now, in the 21st century, it is about time to return to the original idea and ring in a new tradition.  A new tradition of a luxurious but practical wedding dress that expresses the personality of the lady that wears it, without necessarily serving other people's perceptions or traditions.

This is what I aim for with my bridal collections. My dresses are alive with color, flatter your body have a distinctive combination of classic style and modern materials, and have a strong connection to leading fashion trends. All dresses are handmade in London and available for shipping worldwide.


London is a world fashion capital for a reason. Here we have the best materials coming from all over the world. But my biggest inspiration are the cosmopolitan people who live here and I meet every day. They take me through their unique stories, culture, their own design vision. This is what constantly changes me and makes me look for new ideas and solutions all the time. This is why my dresses are named after the first brides I designed them for.



If you still can't find what you're looking for you can always benefit from the Made-To-Measure service for no extra cost. The aim here is to make the custom made process closer to the shopping experience - fast, easy, pleasant. We meet in non formal atmosphere to discuss design and take measurements. The next meeting is for a fitting and the third is to collect the finished dress. There's also alterations services if you got a dress elsewhere that needs adjustments.

If you're abroad this takes just a few emails to discuss details and you can have your dreams dress delivered to your door in no time. 


I consider the design process a collaboration between myself and the client. I see myself as a facilitator of Dreams, not a dictator of Fashion.


Buying an expensive wedding dress can be hard to justify, especially because you only get to wear it once. If you’re looking for a less expensive alternative and don’t want to shop the high street, it may be time to think about renting. Please check the extensive list of services and contact us with any additional requests!


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